DESTE Foundation


For the exhibition Ametria curator Roberto Cuoghi collected art pieces and artifacts from the Benaki Museum in Athens, and paired them together with pieces from the contemporary collection of Dakis Joannau of the DESTE Foundation, to create a radical exercise in the de-canonization of the curatorial method. The maze-like structure of the show enabled endless navigation paths, resulting in different experiences for each visitor. The installation was composed out of rigidly arranged rectangular black boxes, lit from their bottoms, and the objects were presented on or inside them, without titles or captions, creating an even more challenging and solitary experience. The catalogue follows the documentation of the exhibition and replicates the displays 1:1 two-dimensionally on its black pages. The book block is covered completely in deep black, except a hint of light from the bottom page edges. Each copy was carefully hand sprayed in an auto body shop.